Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Although being located at the farthest end of Europe, Portugal has always been one of the countries closest to Turkey. Therefore, it is a great honor for me to be the Turkish Ambassador in this friendly and ally country.

Like Turkey, Portugal has also left an indelible imprint on the tide of history with its glorious past. The relations between the Portuguese and the Ottoman Empires, which can be defined as a cycle of cooperation and competition, had always been marked with mutual respect. Furthermore, the second half of the 20th century witnessed our two countries becoming solid Allies within the framework of NATO.

The joint will to maintain this momentum and to further strengthen our bilateral relations is confirmed at the highest level through several recent mutual visits. A tangible result of this joint will has been the establishment of an Intergovernmental Summit mechanism taking bilateral relations to the next level, which held its first meeting in March 2015 in Lisbon.

This positive climate characterizing our political relations also provides a fertile ground for enhancing cooperation in many areas, notably in economy and trade. Indeed, these increased contacts have also facilitated significant growth in our volume of trade and reciprocal investments to our mutual benefit. Striving to strengthen and diversify these ties will constitute a priority for me.

Positive developments such as direct daily Turkish Airlines flights between Istanbul, Lisbon and Porto as well as intensified bilateral exchanges through EU projects and programs like Erasmus serve instrumental in increasing people-to-people contacts and affinity between Turkish and Portuguese people.

As the Turkish Ambassador in Lisbon, I will continue to work for maintaining the momentum in Turkish-Portuguese relations, further reinforcing the strong and deep-rooted ties of friendship between our peoples, expanding the economic, commercial, academic, cultural and consular ties between our countries, exploring new avenues for cooperation and promoting a better understanding of Turkey and its culture in Portugal. Our Embassy will also try to intensify our interaction with the public through several activities and means, notably through social media. We hope that you will also closely follow our Embassy and our activities through our social media accounts.

With these thoughts and sentiments in mind, I would like to reiterate that as Turkish Embassy in Lisbon, we would always be in search of providing better services to you and wish you all the best for your health, happiness and success.

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2/13/2018 Mardi Gras
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4/25/2018 Liberation Day
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5/31/2018 Corpus Christi Day
6/13/2018 St. Anthony's Day (Lisbon Day)
8/15/2018 Assumption Day
10/5/2018 Republic Day
11/1/2018 All Saint's Day
12/1/2018 Restoration of Independence Day
12/8/2018 Immaculate Conception Day
12/25/2018 Christmas